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  • Corporate listings and advertisements.

  • Corporate profiles available online, hard copies are available on cd-rom and book format.

  • Corporate Leads for mailing lists, contact sheets, or sales purposes. Leads can be exported to a print formation or stored with your company profile.

  • Custom Design campaigns. Company profiles can be created on this site as well as an independent web sights. Custom Logos can be created for your company, or existing logos can be added to your profile.

  • Database Development. Create your companies Database by extracting leads into your own exclusive database.

  • Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration. Find the best web hosting and Domains names threw our services.


Our data and company profiles are updated constantly to provide current company information and can be searched by company name, state, zip code, standard industry code (SIC), and contact name for specific departments can be added, as well as company logos. The United States Business Registry also is a great source for business leads, marketing and mailing lists, client prospecting, as well as online customer services and valuable business contact information. The United States Business Registry provides company listings that are arranged and presented in an easy to use and efficient format. This allows for access and analysis to thousands of businesses, and is searchable any way, shape or form. These company profiles can be extracted and save in your company's profile.

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